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Durdle Door

The project which has evolved into the book and 'A Round Dorset Walk', has been a labour of love for the past two or three years, but a labour it has been none-the-less. It has required a commitment of time and effort that has often taxed others, I suspect, more than me. I cannot deny that I have revelled in the opportunity to spend days with nothing but maps, camera, sketchpad and Dictaphone walking the ancient by-ways of Dorset. I can recommend it; it is wonderful therapy. I have enjoyed drawing the maps and sketching. I have even enjoyed, for the most part, describing the route itself.

With that in mind, I would like to recognise the contributions of those people that have endured my preoccupation without enjoying the best bits. In other words, to acknowledge all those to whom I owe my thanks for making 'A Round Dorset Walk' possible.

Without making it sound like an Oscar acceptance speech, I would make special mention of my family and friends, many of whom have been guinea pigs for sections of the walk - Sharon, Eric, Simon, to name just a few. To others, like friends at Twynham Church For the Community and Poole Runners, who have been inexhaustible sources of encouragement and support, and to my Dad who makes me laugh - thank you. Thanks to the proofreaders, including my Mum, Sharon and Mrs King. They are my 'virtual walkers' who now know the route as well as I do.

Special thanks to Matt Smith of 'Match Design' for the design of the web-site, and particularly to John Chandler, of Hobnob Press, the publisher of the book. Thank you John for your faith (I hope it is rewarded) and your encouragement.

I suppose books like this one are inevitably the summation of a lifetime experiences and acquired knowledge. They are the product of listening and reading and are therefore dependent on the knowledge and experiences of others. I am very conscious that the detail of this book, and its website, draws on many sources including books, journals, the internet and snippets of forgotten conversation, sadly lost in time and memory and thus impossible to acknowledge properly. Dorset is a place that is made magical by its accumulated history, geography and legend. To all, past or present that I cannot name, who have placed at the disposal of others your knowledge and experience, you have my particular thanks. That same appreciation is extended to those with whom I have been able to communicate, and whose websites I have been able to make reference to and to provide links.

Finally, to my wife, Liz, who has the patience of a saint, thank you. For countless reasons, 'A Round Dorset Walk' would not have been possible without you. Can I write another one? 'A New Forest Trek' sounds good, what do you think?


Pilsdon Pen and Lewesdon Hill from Lambert's Castle